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How To Make X-Lite Beta 4 Work

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So, long story incredibly short: I use this program, X-Lite, as my SIP client. I love it, it has lots of functionality for free. One day, as I am starting up my computer, I see that the program’s latest beta has “expired,” and decide to check the forums to figure it out. I find that the forums have no mention of how to fix it, other than to buy their commercial product, a typical bait-and-switch procedure. So, I figure a way to reverse engineer it to make it work. I decide to share my findings on their forums. Not even 2 minutes later, my post is deleted. This angers me to no end, and is the reason I am making this blog entry. I am hoping that Google will index this blog entry and shoot the solution to fix this problem straight to the top of their search page.

It’s simple to make the current X-Lite Client work, just roll back your computer’s calendar by a few months so the program will launch, then, fix the calendar once the program has launched, so you can authenticate with your remote SIP server. This will allow you to continue to use this beta until they release the next version of it. Please note that you will have to repeat this action every time you exit and restart the program.

Also, Derek Jacobs, if you ever read this, I hate the way you do nothing but reply like a robot, with the same exact two sentences every time, when people ask you simple and rational questions. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, especially you, Derek Jacobs.