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I Call Him “Rust.”

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So, I bought a new car a month or so ago. It’s a 1983 Toyota Corolla Sprinter, otherwise known as a Hachi-Go (85 in JDM speak). It’s pretty rusty, the motor was in pieces, and it almost looked like it was beyond saving. I paid about $1500 for it, and I really am riding the fence on whether or not I got a good deal. Anyway, here is a picture of my new ride.
The Beginning

I’ve spent the past month rebuilding it, piece by piece. This may sound like a meager task to some, but keep in mind that I am a full time college student, I am a full-time (Active Duty) U.S. Marine, and I really only get to work on it every Saturday or so. I started with a 4A bottom end (which had copious amounts of rust), a red top big port cylinder head (which was in fantastic shape comparatively), and a car full of parts. I’ve only bought some ARP head studs and a Toda MLS head gasket for it so far.

Last week, I mounted the motor in the car, installed the head studs (after chasing/re-tapping every single screw thread on the block), bolted the cylinder head to the block, installed the alternator, mounted the starter, and tried to mount the exhaust manifold (until I ripped the threads out of one of the exhaust bolt holes, that is).

Next, I’m going to install the cams, figure out the timing, install the distributor, install the intake manifold and fuel rail, and maybe hear it fire.